Wanted: a few handfuls of (preferably clean/new) insulation needed for a project.
My husband and I are looking for baby items as to we just found out that we are expecting and we just moved to this area 2 weeks ago and we don't have the money to buy anything at the moment because we both just started working.
Looking for any and all house furniture, mainly surfaces like dinning tables and coffee table, chairs, couches, etc all furniture welcomed.
We have a relative who has recently become bedridden due to tumor in her spine. We are needing a hospital bed for her due to her pain levels and lack of mobility.
Any vintage manual typewriters from before 1985, including ones that don't work.
any amount
Hello, I am looking for a decent working sewing machine. If you have one you no longer use, I would love to have it. Thanks in advance!
I am single mom in deseprate need of a vehicle to get back and forth to work in. As the summer months are here it is way to hot to continue walkng. I am not concerned about the condition of the car as long as it can go 6 miles away for 5 days out of the week.
Disabled looking for a refrigerator and a stand alone freezer that are in good working order
Need 2x4s, 2x6s and 2x8s
I'm looking for broken jewelry for craft projects. Any type. Thank you.
Description: A headlight motor for both sides (left and right)
We are taking in everything from large parrots to small critters. contact me and lets see what we can do.
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